Monday 13 January 2020

A Secret Harbour

'Harbour' has many different meanings.
It can mean to give a home or a shelter, or even to keep a thought or feeling.
To me, it means a safe space.
Somewhere I can go to unwind.
Somewhere that has little trinkets filled with memories.
A place where I am alone, but, not alone at the same time.
And when I leave my secret harbour, I can leave behind my problems.
Then start fresh.
 By Kara Smith

Friday 10 January 2020

Safe Harbours

What do you call a safe harbour, is it your family, your friends
 maybe just one person.
 Can a place be a harbour or even a pet. Can you have more than one,
for me the answer is yes,
 You can have more then one as I have many.

Could a safe harbour be just that a harbour,
could it be Caernarfon or
even Plymouth.
Could someone be happy just to be at a certain

Can a safe harbour be any where and any place as long as its
with the one person in the world you
can’t live with out, or are there many
people you can’t live with out.
Could you have many safe harbours? I think
you can have as many as you need.

By Andrea Hatch

Wednesday 6 November 2019

The Ghost

Flying in on silent wings,
over his hunting ground.
He swoops and turns at squeaks and rustles in the grass.
The mouse, the mole and rat run through the grass,
hoping they can hide.
Oh dear, poor mouse,
He found the owls talons.

By Terry Ann Hatch

The Robin

The red breasted Robin sits on the gate.
Pruning and cleaning, getting ready for its mate.
Babies will come and hard work begins.
But at Christmas time, he's back on his gate.
Pruning and cleaning, ready for his mate.

By Terry Ann Hatch

The Kingfisher

Feathers of blue, with hints of gold.
A stream of pure water, clear and cold.
Fish are hiding or darting about,
hoping they won't be lunch.
She sits on the branch, watching and still.
Just before she lurches to the fish below.
Her baby waits for each fishy morsel.
Growing big and strong, already a handful.
Flapping its wings, it leaves the nest.
Goodbye sweet Kingfisher,
God bless.

By Terry Ann Hatch

Friday 4 October 2019

The Crazy, Awesome Friend

Whose friend is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite happy though,
Full of joy, like a rainbow.
I watch her laugh. I cry hello.

She gives her friend a little shake,
and then laughs, until her belly aches.
The only other sound,
is the break of distant waves.

This friend is crazy, awesome, and loud
She has a promise she needs to keep.
After cake and lots of sleep,
Sweet dreams come to her as a treat.

She rises from her gentle bed,
With thoughts of kittens in her head.
She eats her jam with lots of bread,
Ready for the new day ahead.

By Kara Smith

Finding my Freedom

As the the crazy ideas dance in my head,
the barriers climb higher and higher,
they radically climb the wall to reach the sky.

Hiding in my head feeling safe,
realising life is passing me by
fighting with myself to come out.

I hide in my cwtch, singing to myself but
they get louder and louder, calling me.
As I peer out I see them high and decide to climb.

Hiding in my head feeling safe,
realising life is passing me by
fighting with myself to come out.

I keep looking up so I don't go back I shyly
cling to the wall just as I reach the precipice
I look out to the freedom I seek and see the
beautiful world and jump. 

By Andrea Hatch